gulliverA Classic 1939 Animated Film in 3D anaglyph. Produced by Max Fleischer and Directed by Dave Fleischer.  Based on Jonathan Swift’s classic novel of a heroic sailor stranded on a remote island. Gulliver is soon discovered on the beach by the tiny thumb size town crier. Gabby (the crier) runs to tell the King. But the King is planning the impending wedding of his daughter. Princess Gloria to Prince David from the nearby Kingdom. When the two Kings can’t agree on which song to play at the wedding, Gulliver finds himself in the middle of a war. Using his common sense he helps the two sides resolve their dispute.


Genre/Category:  Animation, Children, Comedy

Director:  Dave Fleischer

Country:   USA

DVD Release Date:   January 3, 2012

Running Time: 76 minutes

Cast:   Sam Parker, Jessica Dragonette, Pinto Colvig, Lanny Ross, Jack Mercer, Ted Price




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